by NobicomLabs

A framework with a small foot print and very powerful

Pixel is a web application framework that was designed in PHP , it was designed by Norbert Tumukunde a member of the NobicomLabs development team, as a result of need of easy to use and quick model for the development of NobicomLabs products but later released to the public in 2017 for use and for more development .


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What it's all about

Ease of use, easy to learn, Fully Packed and being free

Ease of Data Validation

Data Validation, less code but strong Validation

With easyPHP Validation engine, you can filter your form data to avoid unwanted data patterns in the database with less lines of code .

Sample image

Compatibility with standard hosting

Pixel only needs PHP 5.5.*, and plays nicely with almost all shared or dedicated hosting platforms. Many web apps need a database, and Pixel supports the most Database Systems available

No restrictive coding rules

Use your own coding and naming conventions, with only a few caveats that deal with classname conflicts. Pixel looks forward to empower you, not disorganise you.

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